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When you first setup a PAAM account you need to complete your profile. Please keep your profile up to date e.g. if your address or phone number changes.

Personal Details

Name: This field will be pre-filled with the first names and surname you provided on signup.

Place of birth: town OR city OR county OR country

Date of birth: DD-MM-YYYY

Marital Status: single OR married OR living with partner OR other

Nationality: country

NI Number (UK): national insurance number

Passport Number: passport number. So a PNC/CRB check can be performed

National ID Number: for non-UK nationals

Will you be a student on DD/MM/YYYY: yes/no

Contact Details

Phone number: your landline phone number (if you have one)

Mobile phone: your mobile phone number (if you have one)

Email address: pre-filled as this is also your username

Best method to contact you: email/post/text/phone/mobile/any (we prefer email)


Address: this should be the address you are registered at for council tax, electoral role etc.

Please remember to update your address if you move ESPECIALLY if you move between college/university and your non term time address. Any wages and/or deposit returns may be posted to this address.

Address line 1: house number/name and street

Address line 2: area

Address line 3: city/town

County: county

Post Code: or similar e.g. zip code

Country: please select from the options

Next of Kin

First name: your next of kin's first name

Surname: your next of kin's surname

Phone number: your next of kin's primary phone number (can be either a landline or mobile)

Relationship with your next of kin: parent/sibling/guardian/partner/other


Please identify your first language and any other languages you speak (which would allow for you to assist festival and event goers in that language).

Crew t-shirt

Crew t-shirt size: small/medium/large/extra large/extra extra large

How did you find us

How did you find out about this opportunity: please select from the options.

Any more details on how you found us: please give as much info as you can, especially if you have selected one of the “other” options.

Additional Details

Special needs: please detail any special needs which may need to be catered for. Please include any disability, illness, injury, phobias, communication barriers, dietary requirements.

Transport: please note here if you have your own transport and if you can offer a lift to others.

Car Registration: please enter the registration of the vehicle you plan to drive to the festival (if applicable).

Permit/Visa: please note here if you require a permit or visa to work/volunteer in the UK. If you do please provide details.

Group: please advise us if you are applying as part of a group e.g. with friends / family / colleagues. If you are, please supply their name/s.


Please detail your experience (if any) in the roles listed.

Festival or Event Stewarding: yes/no

Other Stewarding: yes/no

Festival or Event Traffic Management: yes/no

Other Traffic Management: yes/no

Festival or Event Litter or Recycling: yes/no

Other Litter or Recycling: yes/no

Festival or Event Supervision (Small team 1>10 people): yes/no

Other Supervision (small team 1>10 people): yes/no

Festival or Event Supervision (medium team 11>25 people): yes/no

Other Supervision (medium team 11>25 people): yes/no

Festival or Event Supervision (large team 25+ people): yes/no

Other Supervision (large team 25+ people): yes/no

Festival or Event Management: yes/no

Other Management: yes/no


Please select the qualification (if any) you hold.

First Aid / Medical: yes/no

SIA: yes/no

Forklift License: yes/no

HGV License: yes/no

Further Details

Please provide further details e.g. level of qualifications, if they are current, and further details about your experience e.g. how many years and which companies/organisations you have worked for...

Your Photo

Please upload a photo to your profile to help us identify you and for your onsite ID card.

The photo can be uploaded at a later date.

The photo should be:

  1. Colour passport style.
  2. A recent and true likeness, showing the full face, with no hat, helmet or sunglasses, although you can wear everyday glasses if there is no reflection in the photograph.
  3. Taken against a plain, evenly lit and light background.

Check & Save

Please check the details you have entered carefully, if everything is correct please click "save changes".

You will now be transferred to your overview page.

Please note the messages at the top of your overview page before you continue.